What's This?

"no lims" was a 2-week project to rework some of the core mechanics of Soft Body:

  • Player-character abilities have been changed so that there is only 1 body to control. The avatar can paint and push balls on rails
  • Restarting or continuing to new levels are not locked behind a button push. Upon dying, the level is restarted automatically after about 1/2 a second. Completing a level will automatically load a new level. To give the player an option of taking a short break, some levels have no obstacles and are meant to guide the player into the ideal starting position for the next "challenge" level.
  • There are no projectiles. Instead, obstacles react to player movement and position or they are meant to create challenging pathways for the player to navigate.
  • There is no tutorial text -- the games rules and mechanics are supposed to be able to teach themselves to the player through play (hopefully quite quickly).

Even with these improvements/changes, the game still feels very similar to Soft Body, and to me, "no lims" doesn't feel like a proper sequel.

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